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News: People Needed

2013-06-23 17:52:57 by QuietStealth

I been studying so much on Anatomy and I am sort of amazed on how people are telling me how far I've come from being shitty. Now I'm just happy I've got a few of the basics figured out.

Many thanks to those who encourage me and tolerating my "Gimme feedback" bullshit.

Anyway onto things I need.

My voice actress still hasn't come through for me and I'm in dire need of a girl to voice my next cartoon. If you're interested please don't be shy. Let me know in my inbox.

I MAY be in need of a background artist as well since I am still shit at drawing backgrounds.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Here's a GIF of what I'm working on

Attack Gif


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2013-06-24 04:23:04

Hey I'm new to this site and I'm still not very good with programs but if need help with anything that can be done in traditional art or photoshop let me, I've got about 18 yrs of practice at drawing people and hand drawn flip cartoons along with realism to and am always happy to go back and fix stuff up if it isn't quite what your after X3

QuietStealth responds:

Can you draw dark caves? If you can, please send me a sample of your work.