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4/6/13 by QuietStealth
Updated 4/6/13

69 is so funny heheheheheheehhe

Comedy Silver
7/5 Rating
Big Titties out of 4

Now I'm gonna go smoke a blunt brb byeeee


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Best number of fans ever.

hey no problem man! X3

yo if you get some Cheetos up in this, that's a real party! anyways man congrats

4/12/13 (Updated 4/12/13) QuietStealth responds:

Make it 80 fans. Thanks for staying subbed, bro!


4/7/13 QuietStealth responds:




You sure got 70 lickity split.

4/6/13 QuietStealth responds:

Yeah. Sort of sad because the shitty 69 "joke" isn't relevant anymore.